The Phenomenon Experiment Blog

Energy Saving Initiative: Hit The Switch

My new initiative and vision is trying to help us save energy and protect our beautiful planet from the woes of global warming and greenhouse pollution. Hit The Switch is a Global, Grass-Roots Initiative...

Pressing Down Steaks

I am trying to interact with my audience as much as I can! Hence, I have decided to start putting together video responses for any questions I am asked which just are better explained...

Grill A Steak

I’ve decided to maximise audience satisfaction by making my steak cooking video on YouTube very short for you! Learn some great tips in this little two minute video.


Very few people ever attempt to start a phenomenon. It’s a bit like launching a DIY moon-shot.  It is out-rightly audacious, uncommonly ambitious and statistically, doomed to fail. Yet, the fact is, it can...


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