Very few people ever attempt to start a phenomenon. It’s a bit like launching a DIY moon-shot.  It is out-rightly audacious, uncommonly ambitious and statistically, doomed to fail.

Yet, the fact is, it can be done and right at this time in human history, it has never been more possible, or, more necessary!

Hello and welcome to the inaugural post on The Phenomenon Experiment Blog. My name is Bell.  I define a phenomenon as basically any form of enterprise which, once started, generates its own exponential momentum. Phenomenon (plural) come in many forms including cults, crazes, movements and revolutions.

Essentially, a phenomenon needs three things, a vision, a purpose and an arena.  As a phenomeneer™, it is my job to set these in place.  To that end I have created an umbrella organization called Bell Parc. This is where the content will be generated and launched. My mission there is to Create | Organizing | Visions™.

The Phenomenon Experiment™ will be a real-time log of what’s happening @ Bell Parc™, what’s working, what’s not and why!  You may have noticed the Tornado in a Test-tube logo® above. It’s a powerful and accurate metaphor for how I intend to do business.   Start small, start often, sample and mine rich veins and hoist sails in winds of change.  The goal is for the vision to come to life, to spin up out of the test-tube and into the real world.

As we get started I’ll outline the principles I’ll be operating on.  They are not what you might think.  In creating the visions I’ll be adhering to the principles of seeking exceptions and being exceptional.  I’ll be expecting failure, seeking it in fact.  Success will be relative to ructions.  Ructions can be negative and that can be positive as any reaction generates momentum.

Let me wrap up this post by allaying any fears I may have created.  My sole intent is to use ‘The Force’ for good.  There, it’s in writing.  As far as I know, no-one has yet written a Phenomenon Blueprint™ so take this blog as a work of progress to that end.

I invite you to follow, participate and even lead.

Thanks so much

Ring me…


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