Back in the air

After much to long, I’m finally back to the job of learning to fly a helicopter.  Today I got out the box of books to prepare for the theory side of things (currently reading about the difference between inertia and momentum – riveting stuff)

This is a quick and dirty video I through together for the flight instructor Bill because I wanted to demonstrate how I was filming from inside as well as outside the chopper.  That’s me with the red headphones on.  If you listen the instructor tells me to watch out because the wind is going to whip me around as I come into land.  I say ” it sure whipped me” to which he replies, “no you just pushed the wrong pedal.”

I’m documenting the entire process on  I’m not expecting it to be the biggest phenomenon on the net but I’ve never seen anyone actually document the entire process in video and commentary from their first flight right through to getting their licence.


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